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Violin and viola lessons in Atlanta, GA

Rachel Campbell violin viola lessons Decatur Atlanta

Suzuki and Traditional lessons for ages 4-adult

Suzuki lessons are a particularly fun and effective way for young beginners to learn the violin/viola! This method places a heavy emphasis on playing by ear, discovering key concepts through listening or watching, engaging with other students, memorization, and consistent practice. In the same way that young children learn to speak by listening first and then replicating the sounds they hear, Suzuki students start with playing by ear, and learn to reproduce what they hear and see their teacher/parent do. The method allows the student to place good tone and technique at the forefront. Students will learn to read once they have developed a great technical foundation.


The Suzuki method is a family commitment. It is essential that parents are active in lessons and practice at home. When students are supported properly by their parents and teacher, they make tremendous progress and have a blast along the way.

Traditional lessons might be the right fit for older/adult beginners, or students who have already begun learning their instrument at school and know how to read music. Technique, tone, and listening are still priorities in this method, but students may be more self-directed. If you have an audition approaching or need to catch up in your school orchestra, these lessons will help!


Rachel has experience in both methods and can work with you or your family to decide the best approach. Often, lessons will take the best from both worlds, unique to the student's needs.

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